Dolf Bekx



Known for: My Father the Terrorist, Emigracja XD, GTST.
Languages: Dutch, English, (German, Spanish)
Dolf is a versatile actor who performs for camera and on stage.
As owner of a theater company, he is adept at many facets of acting and theater, including concept and script writing as well as production. Strongly rooted in improv theater, he increased his depth through the years, working more and more with fixed scripts, which appears to suit him very well. Despite his independent nature he easily takes direction as an actor. Dolf is a chameleon, adapting not only to his role but also to any work circumstance.
Thanks in part to his American wife, his English is above average and he has a few international projects to his name. Dolf likes to go full in, so whether it’s a request for a two-legged flying kick or micro-expressive acting, he focuses and delivers.
Dolf continues to be engaged in development. He is eager to keep working within the entire spectrum, with his current and most enthused focus on acting in films, streaming and TV series.