About Us

ActorsQ is an international talent agency where the interests of the talents are represented by Sharon Lane and Dolf Bekx. Sounds quite businesslike and in fact it is. Sharon is an American with 17 years of experience as Personal Assistant to the CEO of a financial company in the heart of New York City. She is the point person when it comes to contracts, administration and (English) communications, particularly helpful for international projects. Since 2015, Sharon and Dolf are partners in business and life, based in the South of the Netherlands and active in a wide range of theater and acting, including the Acteur.nl platform.

Aside from being an actor, Dolf is an entrepreneur with more than 26 years of experience and therefore knows a thing or two about creating opportunities, managing actors and marketing.

ActorsQ is a group of professional talents who are ambitious. This group wants to keep pushing their boundaries and create opportunities together, in the Netherlands but certainly also abroad. Hence the international approach.


Fixed and Flex

Our “Fixed” group consists of talents with whom we are embarking on a personal journey and who have international ambitions.

For talents who may not have the time, the same ambitions or a need to undertake such a personal journey and commitment, we have our “Flex” group. They receive management support on selected projects. We are there for them when needed.

The talents represented online are a combination, most of whom are “Fixed”, while most “Flex” talents are not online.